How A Facebook Limo Promo Exploded With Interest

Jim Luff
Posted on February 11, 2015
We use our business Facebook page to promote special offers. Crazy offers! These include last-minute specials to keep vehicles rolling as well as wine tours, NASCAR trips and other “Facebook Only” specials.

Facebook is a cheap way to advertise, and the biggest advantage to social media is the fact that people visiting your page are already interested in what you are offering or they wouldn't be visiting. The key to success is to freshen your page enough to keep them coming back and interacting. Your daily goal is to expand the number of people who "like" your page.
In a recent promotion, we asked people to tell us about a person in their life that was deserving of dinner for two at a nice Italian restaurant with a free limo ride. We then opened it up for people to vote on any of the stories they read. There were no strings attached. The recipient received a free dinner and free limo service. The package had a value of about $300. We had so many people post on our Facebook page that we had to create an elaborate spreadsheet to track the number of nominations and votes, and then rank them by top votes. We were adding friends by the hundreds and that is what these promotions are all about. This week we repeated it with a Valentine's dinner and a limo ride for the best story.

Our most recent promotion idea took off beyond my wildest imagination. Last week, we began working on a Mother's Day promotion which would use a similar tactic of nominations and voting for the "most deserving mom" to win the Ultimate Mother's Day Present.

I posted a message on my personal Facebook page asking if anyone would like to participate and include something in the package in exchange for exposure to nearly 3,000 engaged visitors on our Facebook page. The response was beyond my wildest expectation. Within a day, I had amassed a treasure chest of stuff.  A free massage at a local spa, gourmet desserts from a local bakery, a free haircut and style from a salon, dinner for two at a restaurant with babysitting services from a business called, A Good Time Out. The lucky mom will also get dinner for her whole family at another restaurant, a beautiful arrangement of flowers from a local florist, and a free manicure and pedicure including nail art. She also will get a basket of essentials oils and skin care products.  Every one of these vendors gave me their product or services just for asking.

This package is so cool that we are now considering running it as a special at Mother's Day where you can buy the whole package for one fee. We haven't even fully launched it and we have had so much interest that I expect more donations to come. We already have told people that when we begin the promotion, they must like our page to even enter the giveaway. Immediately, our "likes" went up 900% in one day.

At certain times of the year we do a promotion called "The Temperature is The Rate," and we charge an hourly rate equal to the temperature at the time of booking as determined by Don't try that back East! I'm in central California, so it usually is never below about 40 degrees at the lowest point. This does cause people to call at 4 a.m. sometimes, but it's business we would not have normally had and it helps pay the bills and keep a chauffeur employed.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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