Nifty Shades Of Government Play

Martin Romjue
Posted on February 4, 2015

One of my favorite recurring themes on this blog is governmental incompetence, which I also alternately refer to as governmental incontinence, narcolepsy and dysfunction.

It’s one area of life where it’s O.K. to be mean. Government takes too much money out of our paychecks, spends it foolishly, acts entitled to it, and then whines and complains that it doesn’t have enough, despite taking in more revenue than any multi-national global conglomerate.

So, here are two more feverish shades of government I encountered recently that affect the chauffeured transportation industry. Yes, I am referring to that moronic movie about some needy, high maintenance, disturbed young woman who craves treatment that normal people would consider sharia-level spousal abuse. I would never see that movie, but I confess that I would enjoy a Valentine’s Day comedy flick about government bureaucrats being tied up and tickled senseless.

In Nebraska, a busybody state legislator wants to require party bus operators to get liquor licenses because people who rent limo buses, um, drink alcohol. Well, that’s why they rent limo buses: So they can drink and not drive and still have a good time while staying alive. I don’t need to illustrate for limousine operators why this proposal deserves to be guffawed out of the room, and why it ranks among the most ill-conceived, backwater pieces of legislation ever devised. Limo operators and their associations should contact this legislator en masse and offer him a free ride in a limo bus where he could be tied to the party pole and taught some lessons.

The other, more serious proposal being muttered about among politicians is raising gas taxes. [Explainer article here]. Because the law of supply and demand has temporarily tanked gas prices, the politicians think we all have pockets stuffed full of extra change, so why not take it since we were paying high gas prices anyway? After all, if we were getting by at $4 per gallon, why should we pay $2.25? Give that $1.75 to the government since they never have enough money.

As with foolish party bus legislation, I don’t need to explain why more gas taxes directly hurt chauffeured and ground transportation businesses and their clients via fuel surcharges. Operators and their associations should tamp down and fight like animals against any hints of raising gas taxes from any governmental hind quarter. We already pay very high gas taxes that are supposed to go for roads and bridges, but if you follow the math, go into that big collective government hot pot that boils over with pensions, benefits, and bloated public sector payrolls.

There you have my two shades worth of common sense. As to that hapless rope-a-doped woman and her whorporate trainer in the freak show referenced above, they would fit in perfectly inflicting pain at the IRS, where they could get free taxpayer-funded therapy for their troubled ways.

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Martin Romjue Editor
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  • taxed to death

     | about 6 years ago

    Higher gas tax is fine IF it's dedicated to the fund for the roads and not the general fund. As it is the rate has not been raised with inflation so the fund is non-existent currently. A penny ($.01) increase each year is fine and hardly noticed, it's only $.184 now, so as soon as possible raise it to $.20 and add the $.01 each year for say 10 years. ALL the funds needs to stay with the fund and not help to pay the general budget, then the roads can get fixed!!!!!! We guess that you do not live in a northern state. Move up North in any state of your choice. Than you will see the bad roads that are not funded properly.

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