Exhibit A On The Problem With Government Regulators

Martin Romjue
Posted on January 20, 2015

An editorial in the generally liberal Los Angeles Times over the weekend underscored the point I made last week about government being a worse problem than TNCs: A Wrong Turn On Taxi Rules

The Los Angeles Board of Taxicab Commissioners wants to regulate the taxi apps that would help taxi companies compete against TNCs. This would be a source of comedy if the business repercussions weren't so bad. Just as Transportation Network Companies are not true "ride-sharers," government fails to be a source of innovation.

Taxis and limos need to be freed up to compete; not handed a new bureaucratic rule playbook.

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Martin Romjue Editor
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  • Auntie Uber Juan

     | about 5 years ago

    so let me see if I have this one correctly? the TNC's are an app (when they are pressed to comport their operations to exisitng regulations rules and laws), not a transportation company, but taxi's that are transportation companies are now an app (when they are already pressed to be an exisitng fully compliant business)? do I have that correctly?

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