Limo Crushing Best Law Enforcement Tool Against Illegal Operations

Martin Romjue
Posted on January 13, 2015

Illegal limousine operations are the bane of the chauffeured transportation industry, since they directly undercut law-abiding legitimate businesses while compromising public safety.

I would bet that if authorities visibly crushed a few illegal limousines, as a police department in the United Kingdom did in the video link below, the problem of illegal, unsafe vehicles and operators would subside very quickly.

U.S. regulatory agencies and law enforcement should find a way to start this practice. Crush a few, and the message to illegal operators would resonate.


London Daily Mirror article here

The only drawback to more widespread images of limo crushing is it could ignite the below practice, or fetish, which would be both dreadful and disturbing.

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  • Eat me

     | about 6 years ago

    Posting here is like talking to yourself in a dark room by yourself. It the same as getting Google News Alerts for the word "Limo" and then speaking out loud to your screen.

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