Philadelphia Chauffeur Murdered Raises Safety Concerns

Tom Halligan
Posted on January 9, 2015

"Peligroso!!! No mande carro."

That warning sent in Spanish ("Dangerous! Don't send a car”.) was dispatched to La Primera Car & Limo Service chauffeurs working the streets of Philadelphia last Saturday night. Mijael Rodriguez, just 24 year old and only two weeks on the job, missed the warning on his tablet not to pick a group of men that another chauffeur refused to pick up because he found them suspicious.

That was a fatal mistake.

Rodriguez, who was nearby, picked up the three men who had earlier called for service a few minutes after the warning was dispatched, and was shot point blank in the head after he picked up the trio in a black Chrysler 300 and handed over $30 during the robbery. His finance, who was riding with him at the time, held him in her arms as he died.

The gunman was later captured by police—a 20-year-old thug who had a prior history of violence and run-ins with the police, according to a Philadelphia Daily News report.

The incident brought back memories of another incident last year when a Florida limousine was involved in an attempted robbery resulting in two passengers being shot. That incident took a different turn when the driver, who had a concealed weapons permit, returned fire and was lauded for saving the passengers lives by staving off the robbers.

These two incidents raise a couple of questions: What is the industry doing to better utilize technology to keep chauffeurs informed of any potential threat or catastrophic event that could jeopardize their safety. And second, should chauffeurs be licensed to carry firearms particularly in cities/regions where there is a high crime rate?



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  • frederick

     | about 5 years ago

    hum ... to carry or not to carry ... always carries the risk associated with escalation and possibly losing the weapon to a criminal. so any decision to carry must carry with it the responsibility to train, and train frequently for incidents. packing a piece is NO assurance of safety. that said, discretion was one of the pillars of the service a chauffeur is expected to provide. a trained chauffeur will not advertise being armed but simply be ready to defend if necessary. so this not for 24 year old kids. that's a bad idea.

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