85% Of Crashes Result From Distractions

Jim Luff
Posted on December 16, 2014
I have written about this before but it is becoming an epidemic: Distracted driving!  People are talking on their phones, texting, putting on make-up, reading, eating and who knows what else in this fast paced high-tech electronic world we live in.

While you might think you can multitask, the main focus should be on driving when you are operating a vehicle. A momentary distraction can easily cause you to miss a hazard before it is too late.

Even tuning into radio stations, looking at GPS devices, adjusting climate controls, or reaching for an object can all cause a distraction that leads to a fatality. Maybe yours, or maybe a pedestrian.

In a study conducted by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, 85 out of 100 crashes were attributed to one of the distractions mentioned above. I would like to repeat that: 85 out of 100. Don't try to defy the odds. Sooner or later your number will come up. DRIVE THE VEHICLE and focus on your driving.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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  • Auntie Uber Juan

     | about 6 years ago

    Imagine if you will the ubertarian, who has a lyft app, as well as an uber app mounted on their dash e-rolling for hails, plus a cell phone to take and send calls while reading a text or two along the way or even a gps all lit up and operational at one time? Who is there left to drive the vehicle? (asked the insurance adjuster)

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