Why Chauffeurs Must Wait

Jim Luff
Posted on December 3, 2014
It seems that our chauffeurs spend much of their time waiting. Waiting for a plane to arrive, waiting for people to finish dinner, finish a meeting, finish packing — and the list goes on and on.

I recently had a chauffeur call in to dispatch because he was angry that the client had made him wait 2.5 hours in front of his house because he was not ready to go and the chauffeur had to go to the restroom.

We had two issues to deal with. The anger of the chauffeur, that could easily become a service issue, and the fact that human nature had called. And when the client did come out, they would be heading out on a three-hour drive. The chauffeur had to use the facilities before this trip began. The dispatcher wasn't sure what should be done and brought it to my attention.

I called the chauffeur and reminded him that we, as a company, are paid by the hour and so is he. While waiting is frustrating, we are all on the clock. The chauffeur viewed the action as “rude.” Maybe; but, it is our job to serve our clients on their time and not ours. How many times has a three-hour run gone over and ended up being eight hours and everyone is happy because of the extra income?
I ended up calling the doctor and explained the chauffeur would have to leave briefly and why he had to leave. The client said it was ridiculous for him to leave when he could enter the servant's door on the side of the house and use the servant's restroom anytime that he did not promptly get in the vehicle. Servant's door? That was a clear reminder of what we do.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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  • Violet

     | about 5 years ago

    In kcmo we only make around 10-15$ an hour and that 20% 'service charge' that clients think is our tip is kept by the company. If they tip over that in cash we keep it. Most states say this is illegal, but not here in kansas and Missouri. Even it the customer says I told them to add more to your tip, it isn't paid to the chauffeur. I am having trouble stifling the anger this naturally bring out in me. It is misrepresentation and lies. Any advice?

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