Check Out This Futuristic Transformer Hummer

Tim Crowley
Posted on September 19, 2014

It’s not every day you see a stretch limousine as ambitious as the Transformer XXX Hummer from Diamond Limousines NY in Brooklyn, N.Y. One of the most notable features on this giant is the bumped up roof, which looks like it adds enough headroom for people to easily walk around, much like a raised Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Coach.

It has automatic privacy partitions on the side windows, and an automatic door leading the rear lounge. This back area is different too, with leather seats, a carpeted floor, and bar, so guests can sprawl out in the back and enjoy an open-air, rolling patio.

The inside is party all the way, with LED lights all over, including the ceiling and floor, and a dancing pole prominently in the center. It has multiple Jet-opening doors down the interior, and is punctuated by a almost shrine-like bar and TV set at the front. And for added effect, there’s built-in smoke machines to fill the cabin with mood-enhancing mist.

The Transformer logos positioned throughout give this vehicle its own personality and fitting of its name.

And if the Transformer is the future of a nightclub on wheels, then this new concept from Toyota, the U², is its connected-car polar opposite. Equally as futuristic, this new vehicle is being billed as the car for Millenials, with ports for iPads and laptops, and fully customizable interior seating and storage.

These vehicles really show that no matter the market, and no matter the builder (whether OEM or aftermarket), auto experts will continue to stay on the forefront of new tech innovations and bring these exciting inventions to their customers in original and creative ways.

Watch a video of the Transformer Hummer below.


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