Carpool Deville Hopes To Break HotTub Landspeed Record

Tim Crowley
Posted on August 6, 2014

It’s not everday you see a Cadillac like the “Carpool Deville.” Built to be a fully functional hot tub in the cabin, the Carpool Deville is a 1969 Cadillac that has been built by former engineering students Duncan Forster and Phil Weicker.

They began the project back in 1996 with, as they say, an abandoned car, a keg of beer, and a quote from Ernest Hemingway: “Always do sober what you say you’d do drunk, that’s the only way you’ll learn.”

After an initial failed attempt with an ’82 Malibu, the team procured a 1969 Cadillac Deville in 2008 to complete their vision.

Forster and Weicker built the tub mold from plywood and fibreboard to make a fiberglass, watertight mold.

Once they made the hot tub on wheels drivable, they wanted to test it out on the famed salt flats of Bonneville during the Southern California Timing Association’s annual Speed Week, where they hold land speed record contests.

Forster and Weicker started a Kickstarter page that soon surpassed their goal amount of $10,000, and the team is reportedly en route to the salt flats to race in the Speed Week competition, which runs from August 9-15.

You can check out the full story of the Carpool Deville on their Kickstarter page.

LCT wishes these guys best of luck in the races, and we’ll report back on how it went once they get back.

 — Tim Crowley, LCT senior editor

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