Fleet-ing Damages: Who Done It?

Jim Luff
Posted on May 30, 2014

Upon arriving back from the LCT Leadership Summit in Miami, I found one of our cars has new damage to the front bumper. I called every chauffeur assigned to it while I was gone to ask what they know.

They all had the same answer. They saw it. It was there when they took possession of the vehicle. Not one of them wrote it up on a Daily Vehicle Inspection. I'd like to fire every single one of them since someone isn't being truthful but we all know that isn't practical.

We spend a small fortune in minor paint touch-ups from situations just like this. My wife used to work for an ambulance company and each crew coming in would turn their rig over to an oncoming crew and both the crew coming off duty and the crew coming on duty would document the smallest scratch and the policy was, you scratch it, you lose your job. They have more than 300 ambulances and they all look brand new.

However, for you and I, we probably both have the same situation. Chauffeurs returning vehicles at 2 a.m. come back to an empty garage. In the morning, the car wash arrives and discovers the damage, and if a single vehicle came in after that, they use the excuse that another chauffeur must have backed into it after it was in the garage.
It's an ongoing situation. How do you handle this?

— Jim Luff, LCT contributing editor

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Jim Luff General Manager
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  • anthony

     | about 6 years ago

    This is the problem in the industry. Here is an example: one owner charges his driver for damages and he knows its against the law. A fellow owner asks about what he does when drivers damage a vehicle and the owner breaking the law gives the wrong information. The owner breaking the law becomes the expert just because he has over 40 vehicles and his company name is mentioned in lct mag. They decide its ok since another owner does it. Bottom line is "you cant charge your employees for damages to the vehicles, you cant charge your employee for parking tickets while he is on a job with customers. One owner charged me for a drunk client that punched the windshield on a limo, he told me to go onto my next job instead of waiting for the cops, on pay day he deducted 126.00 from my wages. He also charged me for a 54.00 parking ticket in front of a strip club. I had a client in the limo that did not want to enter the strip club... the strip club added an extra 4 hours over the 8 hour job. You would have thought he would take it out of the extra 4 hours profit. i yelled and protested but he did not care.... his company should have been called "taxi limousine service" These types of shady limousine owners is whats hurting the industry

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