Fast40 Closes Out Summit With Spirited Discussion

Tim Crowley
Posted on May 28, 2014

The LCT Summit at the Eden Roc Hotel was a fast-paced three-day event that saw the most influential members of the limousine industry gather together to discuss the current state of the industry and how operators could better their business.

It was attended by operators and vendors that spanned the globe as well as age-range and backgrounds, and culminated with a Fast40 Session where the voice of a younger generation of limo operators was given the floor.

The session opened with panelist Jonathan Erlich of Europe Limousine Service and David A. Glazier of Fleet Transportation, giving their opinions on how booking has changed from traditionally being from standard emails to now more and more reservations being booked on mobile devices and with shorter lead times.

Eli Darland of Rare Form Limo had some important advice for operators who are looking to hire software companies for personalized apps and software programs. He said to make sure to have contracts and pre-agreed upon deliverables with dates so that both parties are clear and on the same page during the development process.

New industry standout Elisabeth Allan of Deluxe Chicago Limo made some great points on how limo operators can quantify the ROI in social, by looking at it as more of a long time process and not solely as a sales pipeline. She said that it’s not really “content is king” anymore, because the avenues of communication are now so diverse and unique, so that it’s more appropriate to say, “context is king” because knowing how to communicate successfully across the different digital mediums is just as important as what you have to say.

And the session wrapped up with some spirited Q&A from the audience, with Scott Solombrino saying he was surprised to hear the young crowd omit green fleet vehicles in the discussion, but when asked, Jonathan Erlich and other operators in the crowd expressed high hopes for Teslas one day making it into chauffeured fleets.

As moderator for the panel, I’d like to thank everyone that participated and for all that were there to attend and ask questions during the session. The Fast 40 will be having more sessions, starting with LCT East in Atlantic City, Oct. 19-21. If you have any questions about the Fast40 group or are interesting in participating in future sessions and articles in the magazine, please contact me at [email protected].

 — Tim Crowley, lct senior editor

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