How To Solve Underage Drinking On Party Buses

Martin Romjue
Posted on April 23, 2014
Sit down, have a drink, and enjoy the bus ride - if you're 18 years old. Then have another drink and dance when the bus is parked. Problem solved.

Sit down, have a drink, and enjoy the bus ride - if you're 18 years old. Then have another drink and dance when the bus is parked. Problem solved.


The U.S. is coming up on the 30th anniversary of one of the most short-sighted, puritanical, and destructive nanny-state rules in the nation's history: A minimum-21 drinking age. This prudish relic has caused untold problems; for limo operators, it amounts to the hassles of dealing with voting, draft-eligible, jury-serving adult college students under the age of 21 drinking on party buses.

A recent column in Time Magazine artfully spells out all the reasons why this nonsensical law deserves a deep-six. Other nations with such strict drinking laws include Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, Qatar, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates -- not exactly beacons of liberty and fun.

As to passengers 17 and under, a blanket no-alcohol rule for any runs carrying minors whether adults/chaperones are present or not, should still stand. Three decades of hysterical political correctness about alcohol is enough. Limo operators should support efforts to repeal the age-21 law.

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Martin Romjue Editor
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  • anthony

     | about 6 years ago

    i have been a passenger in a party bus and a chaperone in a 45 passenger party bus. lets start with the basics. a teen drinking and dancing will have their body temperature rise, that could lead them to try to open a window or an emergency hatch. the new york teen that opened the hatch and was killed, there was some comments of the a/c not working but that was never confirmed. proms/ teens will and have always tried to sneak alcohol in their back packs..... we never allowed backpacks in the limousine or party bus or suv limousine. teens will bring water bottles with vodka instead of water, limousine companies should provide waters/sodas and not allow any bottles in the vehicle. i was a chaperone in a party bus with a commercial class A driver, he worked full time for a company with a semi truck and drove limousines on the weekends. as soon as he saw the kids walking up with back packs, he would ask to see the contents and he would feel the weight of the back packs. the driver told me if he has any issue with teens and alcohol he can loose his semi truck job and loose his benefits/ira/etc. a 26 year old driver is not going to care about the laws and regulations and the safety of the clients. my personal idea is to have 2 limousine company employees for proms/ driver and chaperone. the chaperone can have a LOXI ear piece video camera to record each customer with their i.d. before they get in the bus to document all the passengers. for regular party bus jobs, limousine companies should check all the passengers and have wrist bands..... one color for adults, one color for minors. party buses should have video cameras installed both a regular camera and a night video camera to document any problems or issues.

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