International LCT Show Brings Strong Returns

Linda Jagiela
Posted on February 27, 2014

ALL ABOUT THE FOLLOW UP: If you worked your way through the International LCT Show last week, you know that coming back is no vacation. Your return trip will include writing thank you notes for meetings. You will receive tons of price lists from affiliates who want to work with you. And you will need to do more work to vet them if you feel that they can work for you.

At the Show, I plan meetings every half hour for two days of the Show floor’s time. The third day I allow for walking around and checking out what vendors offer. I schedule the meetings in advance with the people I want to meet and I have an objective for every meeting.

For example, if I have an area where my current affiliate is not doing well or has fallen down, my meeting may be to find a second source. Some meetings are just to know the person by face who I have been dealing with for years. Others clarify pricing so that I understand why some companies in a market charge an international fee and others don’t.

I consider myself very punctual. If I say I will be some place, I will be there. I have no patience for lateness. I have even less patience for those who stand me up with calling or texting me. Yes, I was stood up at a couple of those meetings.  One stand up was because the guy could not find me. I told him I would meet in front of the NLA booth and he could not find it after walking around in circles for 15 minutes. Another stand up was just a no show who had me disappointed because it was an area where we have a lot of business and I would like to change vendors.

I came back and was truly impressed that before I even go into the office I already had thank you for the meeting notes. I am not that techno and I will never wow anyone writing from the show. I schedule every free minute at shows. Let’s face it. It’s expensive to go to these events and I want to get the most out of them. I attend every seminar I can. I learn so much even at ones where I think I am expert in those areas. 

I do have some pet peeves when returning from shows. Don’t group email me thanking me for the meeting or not even thanking me but saying it was nice meeting me. If it was so nice meeting me, send me the personal email. I got a group email from some one who stood me up and I just deleted it. I feel like I am the busiest person on this earth but I never group email. I may cut and paste portions of emails but I won’t group email you. I find it tacky.

The other pet peeve I have is vendors. I stop at booths all the time to learn what is new and innovative. When you scan my bar code, don’t put me on your email distribution for daily emails. I have not only already deleted you but I have blocked you as spam even if you are a product I may have had an interest in. I get way too many emails and I don’t need more unless I ask for them..

Well back to work….more thank you notes to write.

— Linda Jagiela, LCT contributing writer

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