Thoughts on Driver Training Certification

Tom Halligan
Posted on February 14, 2014

I am writing an article examining how operators from around the world train their chauffeurs to deliver exceptional professional service, as well as their methods to enhance chauffeur driving skills, provide safety, and security.

Recently in the industry, there is momentum by some associations to implement driver certification programs. For example, the Florida Limousine Association (FLA) and The Limousine Associations of New Jersey (LANJ) are working on providing certification programs.  LANJ, for example, is hammering out a partnership with New Jersey’s Burlington County College, supported through a state grant to develop a driver training certification program.

Of course there are some states that require chauffeurs/private transportation drivers to take a mandatory course in driving safety. Washington State, for example, requires driver training that includes defensive driving techniques, situation awareness, and   for limousi9ne drivers, an additional six hours of driving time training is required in the vehicles the driver will operate for his/her company.

In addition, there are a couple of online-based chauffeur companies that for a hundred bucks will provide an online  training course that prospective job-seeking chauffeurs can take safely using a mouse and a computer.  Graduates are awarded a paper certificate of completion that is “respected around the world” as one company notes on its web site.

Further, there are programs, such as a Chicago City College that provides a one-day limousine driver training course that is intended to prepare graduates to pass the restricted public chauffeur’s license exam.

And recently,, a Hartford, CT-based software company, added new features to its scheduling/dispatch software product that tests and trains chauffeurs. In fact, the company will be showcasing its product at the upcoming International LCT Show in Las Vegas.

So my question is:  What chauffeur training do you provide that you believe is world-class customer service, and way above the norm? Are you using technology for training? How much time to you spend on training? Are you doing anything innovative that you want to share with other operators? Let me know and I’ll include in my article and report back in future blog posts. And if you see me in Las Vegas, let’s chat …

 —Tom Halligan, East Coast Editor



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