Fumbling Toward A Super Bust?

Linda Jagiela
Posted on January 31, 2014

New Jersey operators are scratching their heads wondering what happened to the windfall that was supposed to occur with a Super Bowl in New Jersey. Although some companies have seen a boost in reservations for the big game, many are taking a pass when it comes to getting into the mess on Sunday. The phones are just not ringing with reservations.
A New Jersey (sorry the game is not being held in New York) Super Bowl is a commuter Super Bowl. Think public trains and buses. The Lincoln Tunnel will be closed on one side to allow all of the commercial buses to get their folks down to the game. There will be no tailgating at the stadium so lots of off sites are having their own tailgating sessions and then busing the masses to game.

The NFL spent lots of time and money touting this as a commuter Super Bowl and put the infrastructure in place to shuttle people back and forth from the rail stations. The fear of bad weather had most people avoiding the stretch limousines that have dominated the game in other cities.
Companies that were forewarned to get their parking passes early are now stuck with them. If you need them, just go on Facebook or LinkedIn to find the many who will sell them to you (happy to just get rid of them). 

Super Bowl will still cause glitches for operators who don’t have a horse in the game.  Newark airport starting today and going through Monday will be a zoo. Tim Rose, owner of Flyte Tyme Limousine, told New Jersey operators at the recent LANJ meeting to plan to make all rides baggage meets as curbside will be just too difficult. Holding lots for limousines will share their space with charter buses.
Teterboro is only allowing planes to drop their passengers and then fly out. Allentown, Penn., is bragging that they are the preferred private jet parking lot. Perhaps limousine operators there can corner the market on pilot transportation to their hotels.  

The economic boom is occurring in New York City where the NLF experience is located.  Again, the easiest way to get around will be public transportation. 

Today, Philadelphia newspapers reported that the Eagles are watching to see how a cold weather Super Bowl flies to determine if they should make their pitch. Philadelphia’s unique infrastructure as well as its “cordial” regulatory folks, the Philadelphia Parking Authority, will spotlight the city in ways that are unimaginable.  Good look with that bid. I suggest they send tapes of the show Parking Wars with their applications to show the real flavor of the regulatory environment -- not.
It is still amazing to me that people who will spend thousands for their tickets and who fly in on private planes will allow themselves to be shuttled like cattle to the game. Could this be a forewarning of a death of luxury? No wonder UBER has become so popular.  Peoples’ expectations have become so low that they are willing to accept this. I sure hope not. Bring on the beer and pretzels.

— Linda Jagiela, LCT contributing writer

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