Are You Using Uber?

Tom Halligan
Posted on December 20, 2013

Every association meeting I attend the topic of Uber eventually comes up and the discussions often turn lively—to say the least.  There are operators that curse Uber and other emerging mobile transportation app companies, and there are those who see the app business as another way to make money.

Passions run high about this new “disruptive” technology that has quickly entered the personal transportation market, and from my view, the overwhelming majority of operators are against it.

However, there are operators who have signed up with Uber—now valued at more than $3.5 billion and in August received a $300 million jolt from Google — figuring it is better to join realizing that the company is not going away. Of course, pressure from taxi and limousine associations curtailed Uber in some cities—for now. But, as we know, cash-rich technology companies are very quick to adapt and change their business models to open doors that are shut.

I recently received an email from a seasoned operator actively involved in the industry that decided to partner with Uber. I intend to follow up with the company and detail their experience with Uber, but I also am interested in hearing from other operators who have, or are thinking about, joining Uber to report on their experiences as well.  Let’s continue to get both sides of the story out there, so please contact me if you are using private transportation apps such as Uber. Of course, feel free to share your thoughts (pro or con).

 —Tom Halligan, LCT East Coast Editor


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