Is Your Team Well Oiled?

Jim Luff
Posted on November 26, 2013

REASON TO BE THANKFUL: A well-tuned office staff that works together and help each other out.
As I was working in my office the other day, I heard one employee ask another, "Are you okay? Do you need any help with anything?” It made me think about how each day my staff interacts with each other much like you would expect from any sports team. A team spirit. You will never hear anyone in my office mutter the classic, “That's not my job.” There are a total of six people working in the administration office at any given time. While each has a primary responsibility, all recognize that customer service is everyone's duty. Since customers are our primary focus, the goal is to serve each one promptly and efficiently.

It is Lindsey's job to answer all incoming phone lines and handle incoming email orders from our reservations email address. It is Josie's job to handle radio/cell phone traffic from drivers in the field and she is the primary daytime dispatcher. It is Kassi's job to greet walk-in clients and be the third phone back up while handling accounting duties. Each one of them has a radio, a phone and access to our community reservations mailbox. These girls truly work together as a cohesive team.

As orders come in by email, I hear different team members yell out, “I have the order that just came in,” since all three of them get the same email. This is done when two girls are on the phone at the same time and an email arrives. If Josie is on the phone when radio traffic comes in, Lindsey or Kassi respond on the radio and make the appropriate input into our dispatch software.

I am proud of the way they interact with each other as a team. They have a good time doing it with a lot of banter that goes on all day long between them. There is a lot of laughter but the work gets done and we never stop working from the time we arrive until we go home. I love how if one of them is overloaded; they will ask the other two who can take something off their plates, such as a complicated quote or scheduling matter. I love how if we have a call-in that needs immediate service that they quickly divide up the driver call list and start making calls to determine who can respond the fastest and work together. From the time an order comes in, no more than 15-minutes will elapse before the trip is assigned, the trip ticket is printed and electronically sent to the assigned chauffeur, and the car washer is prepping the vehicle to go, so when the chauffeur arrives, he is on his way.
Most importantly, I attribute this cohesive team spirit to team-building experiences that include socialization outside of work, regular lunches together and a spirit of camaraderie that is fostered in the office by me.

— Jim Luff, LCT contributing editor

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