LCT Fast 40 A Great Source For Industry Ideas, Talk

Tim Crowley
Posted on November 13, 2013

LCT Show East Fast 40 Panel, Q&A Session.

The LCT Fast 40 was initially coined as a collection of operators under 40 years age, who are on the cutting edge of technology and their fingers tapped onto the buying habits of a new generation.


But since taking over the project after signing on to LCT in May, and after describing it to many interested operators and hear, “Well, I’m not quite under 40, but can I still join?” I believe it’s important to say that this is definitely an all-inclusive group, and that age is not an issue.


The main focus of the Fast 40 is to collectively mix ideas, bring up new concerns, and address problems that pertain mainly to how new technologies are changing traditional chauffeured transportation business models and operations. It’s also a forum to discuss how clients are changing their buying behaviors as a result of these new technologies.


LCT has a Fast 40 Facebook page, which I post on daily to try and find topics that are interesting, entertaining, informative, and progressive for the overall dialogue of the Fast 40. I welcome anyone who is interested to “like” the page and encourage them to contribute to the discussion as well. We will be setting up a new section on the LCT “People” tab on the main website, where I will be posting brief bios of operators who contribute and participate in Fast 40 discussions.


We will also host more Fast 40 panels at LCT events, with the next one being the International LCT Show Feb. 16-18 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.


Business is changing rapidly throughout many industries. The technological revolution is at the root of most of it, and as each industry meets the challenges of change, it’s important for the chauffeured transportation industry to stay on top of the latest developments to this regard. And the best resource for input on this is you, the collective operators who are working in the field daily and can think of a solution on the go.


— Tim Crowley, LCT senior editor

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