Some Cheeky Talk From A Limo Industry Pillar

Linda Jagiela
Posted on November 7, 2013

ASK THE EXPERTS PANEL @ LCT SHOW EAST: There are certain speakers in this industry that I love to hear talk. I seek out their sessions when they talk at the various LCT shows. One of my favorite people to hear is George Jacobs. I have known George since I started in this industry 15 years ago. Time does fly. 

George is an engaging speaker who doesn’t hesitate to make the joke about himself. He is just a funny and witty guy. At LCT East, I sat in a couple of sessions on which he was either on a panel or he was the moderator. I found myself writing down George’s witticisms. I realize that these are being taken out of context but I think they will make you laugh.

“Selling is like dating.” He didn’t say anything more than that. Scratch my head.

“Name drop, I do. I handle Oprah. What’s better than that?”

On the companies that do both funeral and livery work: “What do you do? Do you change the plate for each business? Today you say, “I got a live one put the other plate on?”

“I don’t have any competition and you shouldn’t either.”

On road shows, “I don’t care if you have to boot someone out of the car. The answer is always yes.”

“Don’t knock your competition. Be subtle about it. Say, we have brand new cars. I am sure if they could afford brand new cars they would have them too.”

“Differentiate yourself positively; then get little digs in.”

The best part about George is that everyone else can make fun of him too. I was surprised to see former Carey president and industry icon, Vince Wolfington, walking around the show with a badge that said, “Not from Windy City Limo.” I guess everyone likes playing with George.

— Linda Jagiela, LCT contributing writer

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