So Many Business Cards @ LCT Show East

Linda Jagiela
Posted on November 6, 2013

What a whirlwind coming back from the LCT East Show. I have a stack of business cards that is more than three inches thick. My husband and friends tell me that I know everyone in the industry, but after this show, I am not so sure. I met so many new people.

Having said that, I am sitting here staring at the stack of cards thinking, “How am I going to reach out to all of these folks and continue the relationship?” I know that I will send everyone an email and let them know that I would like to be their chosen affiliate in my market. I don’t want to just write one note and cut it into every email as that would be too obvious and stale.

As I go through the cards, I am still amazed at how many people miss the opportunity to market their businesses with their business cards. Your card should have all of your pertinent information on it but it should also say the area you work in and the airports you service. 

It never fails to surprise me how many limo operators walk around with a generic card that doesn’t even have their name on it. I am not writing to [email protected] and telling them how nice it was to meet them when I can’t remember if they were even a male or a female. Come on folks! Invest in a professional individualized business card. One card I got was actually a chauffeur’s card with the guy’s name hand printed on it. Well, “Bob”, are you a chauffeur or an owner and if you are an owner you need a new card. 

The best card I received this trip was from Doug Schwartz of Executive Limousine in Bellmore, N.Y. Doug’s card says that he is the president of Executive Limousine. His card told me that he serves New York City. It had all of his pertinent info: phone, fax, email, website, and address. The back of the card told me what types of vehicles are in his fleet and what type of service he does.  It also offered me $10 off my next service with a promo code. I plan to use this Doug, so be ready. But that’s not what I liked best about the card. Doug’s smiling face was plastered on the front of the business card. If I didn’t know Doug, I wouldn’t be able to forget him. This is brilliant from a networking standpoint.  I asked Doug if he used these cards every day and he told me that he had them made up for this event. Spend the money! It is so worth it. I wish I had pictures on every one of the cards in my three-inch pile. My life would be so much easier. 

Great idea Doug — I hope you don’t mind that I intend not only to steal it but I am blogging about it.

— Linda Jagiela, LCT contributing writer

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