LCT Show East Will Get You Ready For Football

Linda Jagiela
Posted on October 24, 2013

PANEL PREVIEW: A friend of mine called me the other day asking some questions about the Super Bowl. He had never participated in one and he wanted to know how he should handle transfers, payments and cancellation policies. Having done a few Super Bowls, these were pretty simple answers, but the questions lead me to believe that the Super Bowl Session that I will be moderating at LCT Show East is going to be critical to operators like my friend who just don’t know what to expect.

Years ago, Noel Dana from Jacksonville described the Super Bowl as a man sitting atop his tractor as a heard of bulls comes charging at him and he is left on top just watching them come at him. He has no place to move. That should not be the case with Super Bowl 48 at MetLife Stadium. Operators have plenty of time still to prepare for this event which can net some big bucks if you do it right and costs you some big bucks if you don’t. Mistakes in such events result in huge expenses.

The panelists for the Super Bowl Session on Tuesday not only have worked many Super Bowls but they have years of industry experience. These seasoned veterans are prepared to answer all of your questions and give you a template of things that you may not have even thought about. 

Things such as rental cars, staffing, dispatching, pricing, selling and much more will be covered. In planning for this session, the group discussed things that I had not even thought of before. It goes to show you that when smart people get together they come up with great things.

If you plan on working this Super Bowl or if you are thinking about bringing your vehicles from neighboring areas, you won’t want to miss this great session.

— Linda Jagiela, LCT contributing writer 

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