PA Buses Now Must Pass Through Weigh Stations

Linda Jagiela
Posted on September 4, 2013

MORE REGULATIONS: Pennsylvania bus owners have a new beast to slay. Operators are now subject to weigh station inspections along Pennsylvania highways. The Department of Transportation rule took effect Aug. 13. Let’s not stop there. These inspections will be fully loaded with passengers. Vehicles will be inspected only for visual problems. If everything looks good, the vehicle will not be detained unless there is a deficiency. It is more important than ever that all buses are kept in good working order and that visual inspections are performed to the same standards that the Department of Transportation will use. All lights should be operational. Tires should not show wear. Indicator lights on the dash should not be illuminated. 

All buses must enter the weigh station if tags have “BA” labeled tags. But be careful. Only go into the weigh station if the illuminated sign says trucks and buses. If it only says trucks, buses are not required to enter the cattle shoot. Operators will need to educate their drivers to be on the look out for the new weigh station signs. The delay will surely not be popular with passengers on board. In addition to educating them on the new rule, they will also need to educate them on how to handle the unruly clients who will take umbrage with the stop. — Linda Jagiela, LCT contributing writer

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