Tips on Web Marketing To Get More Clients

Tim Crowley
Posted on September 4, 2013

Think about your customer as they search for your business. If you’re a small fleet operator, maybe it’s a retail customer who is searching for a fun limousine for a prom night, or a couple looking for a romantic date. And if you’re a sizeable operation, it could be a travel manager, or a business executive in need of airport runs, who if you are able to turn into a client, will surely bring in referrals from coworkers.

Either way, envisioning what they are going to type into Google, and then how you can create information on your website to help corral them into your business, is becoming ever more essential to success.

For high purchase point items such as limousines or sedan transportation, even with the advent of Uber these purchase decisions are not something the average consumer makes on a whim. They are often researched heavily online and only after many vendors and prices are compared is a purchase actually made. Google calls this the "Zero Moment of Truth," which acknowledges that people arrive at a business through multiple online sources. Unlike the old system, in which brands tried to attract us via advertising and other outreach efforts, we are now being led directly to brands via our personal and business relationships.

So what do you do? Communicate in simple, direct language, and answer questions. Ask yourself if the information you provide through your social media marketing efforts as well as your home page content is helpful to people. Would they be grateful for the content? If the answer is yes, then you have gold.

In addition to voice, consider tone. The voice of your website might be snarky, upbeat or fun, but there may be areas where the tone should shift. Customer-service pages —places customers visit when they have a problem — might drop a snarky tone in favor of one of helpful concern.

The search-and-social landscape creates enormous opportunities for limo operators. The question is, what are you doing to take advantage?

— Tim Crowley, LCT senior editor

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