Are You On The Facebook Bandwagon?

Jim Luff
Posted on August 28, 2013

I have written about Facebook before and I’m going to do it again. It simply is the greatest invention of practicality in my lifetime. It ranks with the telephone and electric light bulbs. It rates as high up there as changing over from an “icebox” to a refrigerator.  It is a phenomenon. Whether you use it for personal or business use, the value is huge.

Recently, I have had friends who have dropped off Facebook citing, “too much drama.” Well, I don’t really understand that. Facebook is big business.
The money that can be saved advertising on Facebook is incredible. They key is to build up your audience — also known as your fans, your followers, your groupies or whatever you want to call them. You need to keep your Facebook page fresh and give them a reason to come back every day.

I recently hired a new marketing manager who has made our Facebook page sizzle with an average of 2,500 people visiting our page each day. She created a “Smile of the Day” feature and daily prizes that keep people coming to look. When you have 2,500 people looking at your page to see what’s new and you throw out your latest special, the results are astonishing. We can put a wine tour bus up on Facebook and sell the seats at $80 each and fill a bus in 48 hours for FREE.

Need a new employee? Throw it out there on Facebook and literally fill the position in hours instead of days. Remember the old days of running a classified ad and using abbreviations because you had to pay for every word or letter? With Facebook, you can use as many words as you want and run the same “ad/post” every day if you want.

For those who say they have too much drama, that’s all about who your friends are and what you allow on your page. I see your page being much like your house. It is an expression of you. If you don’t like bad words, delete the post and delete the poster.  Problem solved. 
For personal use, I love using it for keeping up with my out-of-town family members, watching videos of my grandchildren, checking in at establishments owned by friends, and helping to promote their business. There is so much practicality to Facebook that anyone not using it just doesn’t get it, and honestly, it is so easy and basic to use that they probably never will get it.

— Jim Luff, LCT contributing editor

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Jim Luff General Manager
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