Fast 40 Kicking Things Off in Miami

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Posted on June 5, 2013

It was only back in March that we announced the formation LCT Fast <40, a new industry group for strapping young chauffeured transportation owners under 40 years old. Now, just a few months later, we’ll be holding a Fast <40 kickoff event at the LCT Leadership Summit in Miami Beach June 9-11.

Fast <40 is dedicated to helping the limousine industry evolve with the times through innovative practices, tech adoption, and refreshing perspectives. In Miami we’ll be applying that youthful perspective to a list of pressing issues during a panel session with 15 Fast <40 members.

We’ll actually be covering quite a few topics, ranging from Gen Y approaches to management, to trends in fleet procurement, to the impact of Uber-like mobile apps. (For those that can’t attend the Leadership Summit, we’ll be sure to report our findings.)

What I’ve learned from the preparatory sessions we’ve had for the panels is that there will be no shortage of material for this group to cover. That’s the best part of getting a group of young, opinionated businesspeople in a room (or conference call). The five-person group I’m working with could have spent a day talking about how mobile technology is and isn’t affecting their respective businesses. It really depends on so many factors: the region they operate, whether it is a super-dense metro area like Boston or New York, how regulations in that market apply to e-hailing technology, and the breakdown of retail versus corporate business.

But most interesting is listening to how the younger generation of “digital natives” will approach disruptive technology. The hunch is that they have the right kind of eyes to recognize burgeoning trends before they become terrifying tidal waves. 

We plan to make the LCT Fast <40 an established group that meets at all LCT events and stays connected throughout the year. Fast <40 sessions will revolve around think-tank style ideas presented by a rotating panel. Industry members of all ages are encouraged to attend these events and feel free to join our Facebook page.

— Denis Wilson, LCT East Coast Editor

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