Presenting the Maiden Voyage of the LCT East View Blog

Denis Wilson
Posted on May 8, 2013

As the only LCT team member east of the Mississippi, I have a few advantages. Geographically speaking, I have the opportunity to regularly visit many state and regional associations on the East Coast. Each has its own unique style and set of challenges.

And in the three short months I’ve been with LCT, I’ve reported on an array of subjects, from the successes of family-owned operations in Massachusetts and New Jersey, to the problems that rogue jitneys present in Atlantic City, to the recent acquisition by Albany, NY operator, Premiere Transportation Group.

In many of these cases, East Coast operators themselves dropped me an email or rang me up with news affecting the limousine industry in their neck of the woods. It’s actually quite fun to hear from people carrying news that otherwise I may not have discovered and to see that my network of sources (and hopefully readers) is expanding. 

I also have the advantage of being three hours “ahead” of the West Coast. I haven’t exploited this much yet, but hopefully when the next East Coast news comes across the pixels, I can break the story while the West Coast guys are still eating their cornflakes.

Still a newbie to the industry, I am starting to get the sense I’m really representing for the East Coast. This new East View blog will allow me to dig deeper into the East Coast perspective. But I always need tips from readers and operators to know what’s really going on out there. So stay in touch.

E-mail me at [email protected].

— Denis Wilson, LCT East Coast Editor

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