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Jim Luff
Posted on January 30, 2013

My bags are packed and I’m itching to get on the road to Vegas. I am looking forward to a ton of party time. Umm, I mean, “networking time.” My week will begin with a party.  Specifically, a Super Bowl party here in my hometown of Bakersfield, Calif. That should make the four-hour drive to Vegas a challenge the next morning.
On Monday night, the NLA hosts its wine tasting event! Being a California boy that loves wine, I am looking forward to enjoying the fine Central California wine being sampled while talking with our new NLA executive director Philip Jagiela and other NLA members.

Of course on Tuesday, LCT will host the first ever, “pub-crawl,” hitting three nightclubs within the MGM Grand with FREE booze. That’s right! Drinks are free. There is nothing like watching my fellow operators pound down a few cocktails and get down on the dance floor like no one is watching. This is just part of LCT’s effort to get the social scene back in full swing. We work so hard all year long that we deserve to let our hair down and party like rock stars for a night. Well, if you have hair to let down.  I’m lacking in that area.

On the second night of the show, get down to another nightclub party following the annual awards celebration. With two nights of nightclub parties, there is certainly the opportunity to meet many new people, make business connections, gain an affiliate in another city and become an affiliate for someone else. There is nothing like breaking bread and having cocktails with someone to get to know them.

Speaking of getting to know people, get to know us! The LCT writing staff will be on hand at all social events and if you miss us there, the central casino bar is a great place to find us afterwards. If you didn’t get a chance to talk to us in one of the sessions or events, check the bar later in the evening, since that’s where we typically go. We really do want to meet you!

I don’t remember when LCT had so many social networking events. While these are all fun, make sure you attend a few educational sessions too! There is just so much to do.  Outside of the official stuff, there is a ton of private parties that take place. Let’s roll!  See ya in Vegas baby!

— Jim Luff, LCT contributing editor

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