Why I Am Considering Another Surcharge

Jim Luff
Posted on November 28, 2012

What will Obamacare yield in added costs to businesses that may have to be passed on to consumers?
I heard earlier this month that Denny’s restaurants will impose a surcharge on its total ticket price to offset the cost of providing healthcare for all of its employees.
Since “Obummer” has been re-elected and obviously doesn’t give a crap about small businesses, we better start taking care of ourselves and take whatever measures are needed to survive another four years of lunacy. President Obama even went as far as saying that small business owners didn’t grow their businesses but the government helped us grow our businesses. Oh, please! That’s why we are all going to be paying more taxes at the beginning of the year. As if that solves everything!
Whether the Denney’s story was Internet lore or truth, it did make me think about how we adjust our fuel surcharge in our industry based on the actual cost of fuel at any given time. When the price of fuel goes up, we raise our fuel surcharge percentage. As it comes down, we lower it.

Well, I am thinking this one isn’t going to fluctuate. This one is going to stay constant as Obummer’s Department of Labor isn’t going to do us any favors either as they refuse to budge on the matter of taxation and treatment of amounts collected as tips prior to a trip occurring. This is more of the Obummer Administration finding some way to milk and bilk us again in their quest to supposedly “help” small business. Our entire industry is made up of small business people. There are a lot more of us little people than there are big corporations and companies. We are the ones that will be hurting for sure.
I am happy to say that I ditched that whole tip collection thing years ago so I don’t have to worry about that. We pay our chauffeurs a flat hourly fee and if they want a tip, it is their job to EARN them. That’s a subject for another blog, though. My point here is wondering how our customers will react to another line item underneath the fuel surcharge line that says: “Obamacare Surcharge?”

It’s at least one way we as business owners can highlight the problem — and hit back hard.

— Jim Luff, LCT contributing editor

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Jim Luff Contributing Editor
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