How to Make Your Limo Business Stand Out Online

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Posted on November 15, 2012

[EDITOR'S NOTE: LCT Blog welcomes guest bloggers Jennifer Wong and Pat Charla of Drive Profit, a social media marketing firm, who will occasionally contribute].

In order for your potential customers to remember your limo company compared to your competition, you need to build a specific look (or "brand") that your visitors and potential customers can recognize and remember. Makes sure your logo is professionally designed and follow a consistent color scheme for every aspect of online and offline visibility.

Branding from the inside out
Branding your website doesn't stop at its overall design and your professional logo. In addition to targeted SEO keywords about your limo company and services, ensure that you include selected keywords that relate exclusively to your limo company.

Inside Tip:
Depending on how much you want to push your limo company name, you can either place the name at the beginning of the title tag (for SEO branding) or at the end (for traffic):

SEO Keyword | Limo Company Name - this puts more SEO emphasis on the keyword

Limo Company Name | SEO Keyword - this puts more SEO emphasis on your brand

If you put your company name at the end of the title tag remember that Google only displays about 60 characters in the search result pages; longer titles will be truncated. Be sure to keep your title tag relevant to your website's content and the products and services that you offer.

Integration is important
Build your online reputation efforts beyond just your website. Make sure to incorporate your logo and color scheme on everything your company prints or distributes online, including newsletters, e-mail campaigns, press releases, etc.

The future of SEO lies in leveraging not just keywords but your company's name as well. Google's latest updates and anti-spam policies have made the search engine's preference clear for professionally branded websites, as opposed to smaller, unbranded or nearly anonymous ones.

Don't just talk to social
No online reputation building is complete or relevant without the use of social media marketing. Being active and proactive on social media is a great (and potentially viral) way to increase awareness of your limo company and its services.

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Jennifer Wong is Partner of Drive Profit, a fully integrated digital, social and traditional ground transportation marketing company. Drive Profit has more than 50 years of combined marketing experience, more than 10 years in the limousine transportation industry and more than 10 years in sustainability. Information:

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