Conversion Vans Offer Varied Luxury Limo Options

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Posted on September 18, 2012

By Darrin Michael

When one thinks of traveling and enjoying a night out on the town in luxury, jumping in a limousine is usually the first thought which comes to mind. According to recent data collected by Bloomberg Businessweek, however, "luxury" conversion vans may start popping up in peoples' minds instead.

The recent data from Bloomberg indicates van sales overall were up 32% in July, compared to last year. The increase is greater than every other vehicle type out there aside from certain sports car models. About 90% of the vans sold were sold to businesses as well, including everything from party caravan companies to luxury travel services to cargo carriers and more. 

Considering all of this a question comes to mind: Are limousine services exploring new options?

While it's still too early to get an accurate idea of just how far this van snowball will continue rolling down the selling hill, it doesn't seem to be losing momentum anytime soon.

So why are so many businesses opting to jump on the luxury van band-wagon?

Perhaps one of the largest reasons is the number of customization options most conversion companies now offer, features of which most luxury cars or SUVs don't offer. From heated seats to swivel chairs, entertainment systems, fold down seats, plush premium carpet, a mini bar and more, luxury services are finding ways to customize these conversion vans to meet their client's exact needs. Combine this with the ample space a van provides and you literally have a mobile-ready living room built for the open road. Even more, it's not just what's found on the inside of these vans which appeal to business owners but equally what's found on the exterior as well. Luxury vans can be decked out with everything from custom side mirrors, running lights, specialized paint effects and more.

Another feature a luxury van has over a commercial limousine which may appeal to business owners is conversion vans far more convenient for handicapped or disabled individuals. Both the interior and exterior of a van can be modified to accommodate a wheelchair or scooter if needed.

So the next time you're thinking of calling up your local limousine company in need of a more luxurious night out on the town with all your friends, it might be worth asking if they have a conversion van available.

Who knows, they may have already starting rolling their own van snowball.

About Guest Blogger: Darrin Michael is the eCommerce/Marketing Director at Dave Arbogast Van Depot in Troy, Ohio, where he writes about the RV industry daily. His work has been featured on,, and more. When he’s not covering the RV lifestyle, he enjoys spending time in the Great Outdoors.

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