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Jim Luff
Posted on May 23, 2012

Hard Work, Long Hours and Good Customer Service provide the good life.

(Photo appears courtesy of Jessica Whitty, Bakersfield, Calif.)

The proliferation of social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace and more recently, Pinterest has provided a media for photo and video sharing like we have never seen in our lifetime.  I admit, I recently joined Pinterest, a site that I consider to be a “girly” site.  However, I find the sayings, musings and graphic images to be sometimes amusing, sometimes inspiring, sometimes motivating and sometimes sad.  Visual imagery has always been a part of our social life and our business life.  Signs that show how many days a company has operated without an injury instill safety.  Signs depicting the most fabulous burger ever made, make you crave a burger, even though the one shown in the poster might not look like the one you actually receive at McDonald’s.

I did not find the photo above on Pinterest.  I didn’t find it on Facebook.  I happened upon it when looking at photos drawn by a friend of mine.  Artist Jessica Whitty captured my attention with this rendering of a similar sign she saw.  While it may not be Whitty’s original saying, the meaning and her version of the picture was inspiring to me.  It is a summary of my belief.  No one has ever handed me a silver platter with anything on it.  I would probably be happy if someone just handed me a silver platter, let alone having anything on it. 

Our industry is not like most other jobs. It is more of a lifestyle.  We run 24/7.  We are involved in major life events such as weddings, funerals, anniversaries, major birthdays, graduations, proms and retirements.  Everything we do, at every hour we do it, must be perfect.  There is no margin for error without ruining a lifelong event, a milestone in someone’s life.  We can make no excuses and there are no “do-overs” if we take a tumble.

The flip side of that is the reward when the event is over.  We become part of history.  If we work hard and get the job done right, we will forever be part of the memory.  Even with a funeral, the memory may be bittersweet, but working hard to help the family get through a tough day can become part of the memories of the day.

As we roll into Memorial Day weekend, stop to think about what your plans are for the weekend.  I bet they involve spending money.  Whether it is the hot dogs on the barbecue or fuel to get you to where you are going, there is no silver platter.  If you want good things in life, including good memories, nothing worth having comes easy.  Push yourself to be the best you can be, do the best job you can do and be committed to the hard work it takes to be a success.  Special thanks to Jessica Whitty for providing us with inspiration today and a desire to have the things we want and be willing to work hard enough to achieve them.

— Jim Luff, LCT contributing editor

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Jim Luff Contributing Editor
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