Reunited And It Feels So Good

Jim Luff
Posted on April 3, 2012
My longtime assistant returns to full-time duty.
About photo: LCT publisher, Sara Eastwood-McLean with Jim Luff and his assistant, Treanna Maddox at the 2011 International LCT Show at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

You might remember in November when I wrote in my blog about my longtime assistant, Treanna, stepping into a part-time role and causing me to hire a new full-time assistant.

When such a shift happens, it is obvious why people walk around saying, “Good help is so hard to find.” This is a true statement for sure. Despite what appeared to be a fresh start with a new girl, it just didn’t seem to be working. We clashed on everything from fundamental ideas to operational procedures. This isn’t to say that she was a total misfit because that certainly isn’t the case. It just wasn’t a good fit for me.

I was speaking this morning with my friend, Christine Bennett of Showcase Limousine in Boise, Idaho. She had introduced me to her new assistant, Harmony, while we were all at the International LCT Show in Las Vegas in February. Christine shared with me her dreams and visions of taking time off and having Harmony take care of business for her. She lamented that now that Harmony is fully trained, she gave notice that she is leaving to go work for a grocery store. This story has a familiar echo, as Treanna left to work at a grocery store. Five months later, she returned to my side.

It wasn’t just me who missed Treanna. Chauffeurs missed her, clients missed her. Even the pest control guy that sprays our office once a month missed her. It is rare to find a one-of-a-kind person that thinks like me, makes the same decisions I would make, and who can finish sentences for me and me for her. She runs the business the same as I do whether I am here or not. She refers to chauffeurs as “my chauffeurs” and vehicles are “my bus” or “my limo,” and this is one of the most admirable qualities you can have with someone you expect to always have your back.

Treanna is also involved in the same charity organizations I am involved with. She is on the board of directors for one charity and the chairperson of an event for another charity group. This type of synchronization is perfect for my world.

So, Monday morning was like waking up from a nightmare where I lost my right hand. For the first time in five months, I woke up and once again had a right hand! As far as picking up where she left off, it was as if she never left. She says she is ready to pack her bags for Puerto Rico for the 2012 LCT Leadership Summit. Welcome back, Treanna!

Jim Luff, LCT contributing editor

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Jim Luff Contributing Editor
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