Bad Vibrations: XTS Gets Ready To Rumble Drivers

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Posted on March 29, 2012


The Cadillac XTS chauffeur seat will feature directional tactile sensations that generate vibrating pulse patterns.

You must give credit to Cadillac for creating some breathless, if not clever, buzz among members of the automotive press over its latest safety feature on the Cadillac XTS sedan: A driver’s seat that vibrates if something is going terribly wrong, or if the car is about to do something bad, like a sleepy drift into another lane.


As you can see from all the links below, the idea of a vibrating seat as spurred a flurry of clever headlines and articles, using such terms as butt, jiggling, and buzzing. Not to mention the behind-the-scenes, junior-high level snickering and quipping among content gatherers.

Here’s a sample of the reportage:; CarScoop; Business Insider; NYTimes Wheels Blog.

All humor and jokes aside, the relevance of a vibrating Cadillac seat to LCT and the limousine industry should be obvious: A technology feature on a next-generation luxury livery vehicle that deters the problem of sleepy or inattentive chauffeurs. Operators are keen on avoiding accidents and liabilities while keeping insurance rates as low as possible.

The other dimension to this involves the passenger: Can vibrating, heated seats in the back facilitate relaxation and comfort for clients, such as soothing back pains and bad moods after a long flight and before a meeting or appointment?


Whatever the applications, a vibrating seat certainly demonstrates the principle of CUE: Cadillac User Experience. But maybe it instead should be called QUE: Quiver Under Engagement?

    Martin Romjue, LCT editor

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