Younger Gens To Spur Biz Travel In 2012

LCT Magazine
Posted on December 7, 2011

NOT FO YO GRANNY: A Deloitte survey shows that Millennials and Gen Xers (any adults now ages 46 and younger) will be hitting the business travel road more often, driving demand for hotel rooms, transportation, and hospitality services. Gens X and Y put a premium on Internet access, WiFi, and high-tech gadgets.

So it only follows that one way to interpret this trend is that the Lincoln MKT Town Car and the Cadillac XTS, with their advanced technological gadgetry, will be well suited for this business demographic. Both livery vehicles will be traveling the chauffeured streets by this time next year, and will go a long way in gaining the attention of two generations who scrupulously want to avoid the Granny-mobiles of yore. -- Martin Romjue, LCT editor 

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