Here Comes Black Friday

Jim Luff
Posted on November 10, 2011

It’s time for the official start of the holiday season.

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is two weeks away. I am not sure if my wife likes the family holiday or the day-after adventure known as “mother and daughters shopping day” in my family. To those of us in the business of selling, this day, known as “Black Friday,” can be a major indicator of the holiday season. A strong Black Friday means a good start to the holiday selling season.


While you may not think this day affects our industry, it can certainly be a good indicator of how your holiday parties and holiday light tour bookings will be. Now is the time to be planning for any specials you plan to offer since clients soon will be asking about them. It is also the time to design your light tour routes and order holiday cards to send out. Wait! Does anyone do that anymore? I think last year almost all greetings came electronically and we only displayed about 10 cards in our window. This must be killing Paul Oxford and his specialty cards depicting Santa delivering his gifts by limousine. Wow, that could be another blog topic. By failing to have cards on display in your clients’ offices certainly eliminates any possibility of their customers seeing your logo — something to think about.


Now is also the time to review your staffing. If holiday light tours are going to take up the time of your chauffeurs, maybe you need to hire more now. You might review your sales from last year on a daily basis and see if you need additional office staff or detailing staff to help with the additional work. Perhaps you might want to come up with a clever promotional package for Black Friday shopping trips. Capitalize on this day!


Remember that holiday light tours offer the opportunity to land new retail and corporate accounts as people who don’t normally ride in limousines might be taking a safe ride home offered by their employer or doing a holiday light tour. Don’t miss the opportunity to distribute brochures and business cards to these passengers while you have them in the car.


Also, remember that your staff, ranging from your chauffeurs to detailers, have family and friends. Make sure all of your employees know what holiday specials are offered and how much holiday light tours cost. Having your chauffeurs promote light tours on their Facebook and Twitter pages can help boost sales and create more work for them creating a win-win situation.


-- Jim Luff, LCT contributing editor

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Jim Luff Contributing Editor
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