Stretch Limousine On Fire, The Album

LCT Magazine
Posted on October 10, 2011
BURNING FOR LIVERY: Singer-songwriter Catie Curtis has found inspiration in the form of a burning limousine and named her latest album after the incident. “About a year ago, [I saw a limousine on fire], and as soon as I saw it, I started singing to myself,” Curtis said. “And yes, everyone got out alive. The title track is about coping with difficulty by noticing that everybody has bad days.”
Way to turn a negative into a positive, Catie. Burning limousines are nothing new, however, as LCT has reported on various incidents of sizzling stretches, like the recent story of a wedding limo burning on the way up to the mountaintop wedding site in California. If you’re interested, you can read about limousines that have burned in New Jersey, Ohio, Canada, Michigan, and a motorcoach that burned in North Carolina.
-- Michael Campos, LCT assistant editor

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