Are Your Employees Avoiding These Attitudes?

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Posted on September 27, 2011

GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE: Veteran operator H.A. Thompson of Rose Chauffeured Transportation in Charlotte, N.C. recently shared his thoughts on something that should not stay in Las Vegas, nor in your chauffeured operations. It makes all the difference in doing good business:

"I'm in Las Vegas, where nine of the ten largest hotels in the world reside. Each hotel competes against the other for huge contracts. Business meetings. Conventions. Super Bowl. New Year's Eve. High rollers. Las Vegas is a one-of-a-kind destination. Then the economy crashed. And everyone's business significantly dropped.

Slowly, the economy is rebounding and Las Vegas is experiencing a spurt in business. But the competition is still fierce.

So what are these big hotels doing about it? And the answer is pretty much nothing. Bidding wars. Price reductions. And other concessions are being made in order to differentiate themselves from one another and woo the big customers.

Each hotel offers amenities and attractions that are unbelievable. Broadway shows. Rock concerts. Prize fights. Great food. And accommodations, the likes of which you have never seen.

So what's the difference? I believe every hotel is overlooking THE difference. The difference is service - and the perception that someone cares - memorable service and service recovery.

  • REALITY: These big hotels have policies. These big hotels have procedures. They have to in order to deal with thousands of people every day.
  • REALITY: There's a severe lack of friendliness. There's a severe lack of sincerity. There's a sincere lack of attitude.
  • REALITY: The employees take very little pride in serving. They're just "doin' their job for their pay."
    So much for Las Vegas. Let's talk about you.

YOUR REALITY: If you employ people that sell, serve, and talk to customers on the phone or in person, the key to their success is their attitude, their desire, their friendliness, their sincerity, and their love of their job."

-- H.A. Thompson

ABOUT PHOTO: Rose Chauffeured Transportation founder H.A. Thompson, director of operations Tom Holden, and vice president Andy Thompson emphasize attentive customer service.

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