Wife Makes Marketing Demands

Jim Luff
Posted on August 17, 2011
Who knew my wife read my blog? And would give me a life or death ultimatum?
I wrote about the importance of showing up with “marketers” that can help draw attention to the vehicles. My beautiful “marketers” infiltrate a club and find out who is in charge and we make sure that we make a connection with management during our visit to the various clubs.
It was quite apparent that going out with the marketers was an important “job function.” You know that we all believe that no one can possibly do anything better than we can within our company. This may or may not be true but we certainly want to believe it!
My blog was accompanied by a photo of my “marketers” in the back of a limousine. They were clearly “working.” I was shocked when my wife asked me to provide further details of my marketing work. Was this all of them? How did the trip get set up? Was it set up in advance or was it spontaneous? What clubs did we visit? How did the marketing go? Jeez, I thought I was being interviewed for an appointment to the Supreme Court. But they were fair questions though and I answered each one. It is after all, just a J-O-B.
If I want to live, my wife will accompany me on future marketing trips. If I want to die, I will set up one of those nights again without informing her that there will be marketers in the car and photos later showing up on my blog. I never thought my blog would come down to a life or death situation!
For the record, all girls present in the photo are personally known to my wife. That wasn’t the issue. The issue was that I said I was going to work when I left the house that night and the photo implied I was not working. I advised her to read the article again and stop looking at the photo! This is not Playboy. I would like to think the things I write about have more importance than the photo.

-- Jim Luff, LCT contributing editor

Jim Luff Contributing Editor
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