Connecting With Nightclub Doormen

Jim Luff
Posted on August 10, 2011
How operators can market to the doorkeepers of the most popular destinations for retail clients.
Being in the nightlife business means you need “hook-ups” in the nightlife business. Particularly, the doormen and bouncers. Why do you need these doormen to be your friend?
Doormen hold the key to a quick admission, no admission, or free admission. They frequently have great discretion in exercising their power. They also come into contact with many people and groups as they come in and out of the door. They have the ability to provide special favors for guests getting out of your vehicle and more importantly they have the ability to refer business to you.
This can be future business for an upcoming event at their club such as a birthday party of a regular guest or an impromptu call for a limousine for the remainder of the night. Don’t try the latter unless you are specifically setup for “call-outs” as you could piss off the doorman and the group if they have to wait for a limousine for an excessively long time. Oh, don’t forget, everyone likes to be greased!
You probably provide a commission for travel agents or some type of referral fee. You would do the same for a concierge in a hotel, so why would you not give the doorman a few bucks for an order? It is even more important for chauffeurs to know doormen to get your clients past waiting lines of people or get that bachelorette party in the door without a cover charge. But, as operators, we have the ability to earn income through referrals, but you must connect.
I know it is a rough job but you just need to suck it up. And, by suck it up, I mean cocktails at various clubs. Of course, you will want to make a “splash” as you come in and out of each club and the best way to do that is with a bevy of hot looking girls. Trust me, it isn’t hard to find hot looking girls that want a free ride in a limousine. Just ask. Set up your outing in advance for a Friday or Saturday night and head out on your marketing mission.
As you arrive, make sure your chauffeur parks, “front and center” as close to the entrance as possible. Have your ladies enter first, and if you don’t know the doorman, play by all the rules getting in. Have your chauffeur give the doorman a business card with his phone number and politely ask that as you come out or are looking for the car to please give him a call. He can discreetly inform the doorman of your position in the company and why he is taking such good care of you. It gives the chauffeur and doorman a purpose to talk. As you exit the club, offer up a business card of your own and ask if there is ever an occasion to call for limo service. Explain what you are willing to pay for leads and encourage him to call you. Ask if he will give you his cell number in case you have any VIPs coming there in the future. Let him know you will “take care of him” for taking care of your clients.
Repeat this process for as many clubs as you might be able to handle in one night. Remember, this is a job and someone has to do it! It might as well be you!
-- Jim Luff, LCT contributing editor
ABOUT PHOTO: Limousine marketers Kellie Crespo, Katie Tornstrom, Tyann Gutierrez and Erica Garza accompany Jim Luff on recent marketing night to area clubs.

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Jim Luff Contributing Editor
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