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Jim Luff
Posted on July 20, 2011
LCT is a business, too, and it always delivers results for operators and vendors. Industry promotions are a crucial part of business success.
The first thing I was to clarify is that I am not in sales for LCT Magazine so I don’t want anyone to misconstrue that I am hitting up my peers trying to make a commission because I wouldn’t get a dime even if you bought the largest, jumbo advertising package offered.
Every single day, we are bombarded with e-mail blasts telling us why we should use a certain operator in a certain city as an affiliate. I suppose we can thank software such as Constant Contact for these annoying blasts. The fact is, I don’t even open emails that say “affiliate” in the header unless it is accompanied by the words: New Order. 
The fact is, I am more of a visual person and place great credibility in those industry members that constantly seem to support the industry and advertise in the industry. It shows a solid commitment to the industry when a company such as Boston Coach or Music Express sponsors a show or a show function. When I see ads in the printed version of our magazine, I may not have an order for them today but name recognition and logo recognition are such powerful tools.
I know what you’re saying. Music Express and Boston Coach are huge companies. I agree. But you don’t have to be a giant company to participate. We are a small company in Bakersfield, Calif. One single ad in the print version of the magazine gave us a ton of new affiliate work. Small to medium-sized companies such as La Costa Limousine in San Diego have participated in sponsorships and enjoyed the same increase in sales as a result.
The upcoming Leadership Summit in Miami Beach is probably one of the single most important events to consider. The biggest, best livery companies in the world attend this event and give you the opportunity to really connect with these companies in a personal way, whether you attend the event or not. Worried about the money? Payment plans are available so you don’t have to pony up all the money at once. If you can’t do a sponsorship, consider sponsoring this page that you are reading right now. Last month, more than 10,000 visits were made to this page. It is probably a lot cheaper than you imagine. Call Sara Eastwood-McLean to get more information. (253) 330-0112; [email protected]. Tell her I sent you!
   Jim Luff, LCT contributing editor

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Jim Luff Contributing Editor
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