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Posted on July 6, 2011

PRINT V. DIGITAL: The June/July 2011 issue of LCT Magazine doesn't need much of a preview since it's already in the mailboxes or in the mail. With the advent of LCT's new web site, we now have reason to post far more magazine content online, where you'll find much of this issue divided among eight primary topic channels.

Look for cover stories on getting destination management and convention business and the DaBryan debut of the Lincoln MKT stretch limousine.

You'll find two key types of content on LCTMag.com: articles and news. The articles consist of magazine features and departments and exclusive online features; news consists of all items posted and blasted via LCT E-News.

We can now post more than one photo per item, so look for a more visually stimulating website.

A complete guide to the new LCTMag.com is here.

Also in the June/July issue is a complete schedule for the LCT Leadership Summit, now just two months away in Miami Beach. Get updates at the Leadership Summit website.

Coming up on LCTMag.com later this month will be content from the August issue. LCT is finishing up the annual Black Book issue with a Who's Who of operators ranked according to the number of owned/leased vehicles.

We'll also bring you a gallery of operators throughout the industry who share some of their best fleet practices and business approaches. -- Martin Romjue, LCT editor

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