Airport Transfers For…Pets?

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Posted on June 14, 2011
Beginning July 1st, travelers departing from Melbourne International Airport can find accommodations for their pets at the Hanrob Pet Hotel, located at the airport’s Tullamarine terminal. The hotel will offer a limousine service to collect passengers, their luggage and pets, dropping humans off at departures and pets at the Hanrob to begin their stay.
According to British newspaper The Independent, “Luxury pet hotels are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners as an alternative to the traditional kennels, with many owners admitting that they would rather take their animal with them than leave it at home.”
If you don’t mind the clientele and potential hassles (and clean-up) involved, or if you just need to work to fill in slow days during the week, it may be worth calling a couple of pet hotels in your area to see if they could use a transportation provider for their furry guests. Or, you could find out if regular clients plan on setting up their pets in a hotel, and then offer to provide that transportation to save them the hassle of having to drop them off and pick them up. -- Michael Campos, LCT assistant editor

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