Lincoln To Refine Vehicle Models, Including MKT

LCT Magazine
Posted on June 13, 2011

FORD RETOOLS LINCOLNS FOR THE FUTURE: An article published in the June 10 edition of the Wall Street Journal provides a big picture of Lincoln's plans to update the MKT and MKS, among other vehicles. The article, while providing valuable information on Lincoln sales performance and trends, misses a vital part of the story of interest to the chauffeured transportation industry: the retirement of the Lincoln Town Car and the launch of the MKT Town Car successor. The Lincoln MKT that debuted at the 2011 International LCT Show will very likely be refined and improved by the time it hits dealerships next year.

Another mistake: Call the MKT and SUV; it's actually a CUV, a cross-over utility vehicle.

Another source, Left Lane, cites the WSJ article while reporting a bit more on how Lincoln plans to redesign and revitalize the Lincoln MKT crossover.

-- Martin Romjue, LCT editor 

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