Liberal With The Limousines?

LCT Magazine
Posted on June 1, 2011

BIG GUV LIMOS: By now, we've all heard of the RECORD 73% INCREASE IN THE OBAMA-ERA GOVERNMENT LIMO FLEET. And to be specific, that's during the first two years, when Democrats were in universal control of all levers of government. The political statement is obvious: A green President (in terms of energy policy and experience level) and his political party that purport to be down with the people preside over an administration that gives every indication of tilting toward elitism and self-serving exemptions. (Maybe the limos help the BIG GUV bureaucrats deal with all that stress of spending other people's money!)

For the chauffeured transportation industry, the issue is a bit more complex: Someone has to build all those limos and chauffeured vehicles, so that at least is good for limo industry manufacturing. LCT needs Lincoln, Cadillac, and other chauffeured vehicle manufacturers to succeed as much as possible. But it would be much better for public and private sector alike, if the people's money being spent on BIG GUV limousines were rebated to private-sector manufacturers. And as for the taxpayer-funded BIG GUV bureacrats, they simply need to be told: Put your Prius where your mouth is. -- Martin Romjue, LCT editor

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