2011-12 LCT FACT BOOK Bounces Forward

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Posted on May 9, 2011
FACTS NOT FEAR: May is always a month with benefits in LCT Land — the kind of benefits not even our morbidly obese public sector can deliver. We publish the industry’s annual Bible of statistics, lists, and trends, all just mere wavelengths from the serene shores of Redondo Beach, Calif. The Fact Book was safely shipped to the printer this morning, and will be mailed to LCT aficionados in mid-May.
For 26 years, the LCT Fact Book & Guide has served as the central industry reference point on all relevant business stats. We base it on an extensive survey that was reorganized and updated for the changing industry of 2011-2012. LCT’s Fact Book is no doubt the touchstone, the holy tablet, the blessed Stonehenge of chauffeured transportation. Our numbers cut through any exaggeration and nonsense; you won’t find breathlessly inflated numbers for the sake of impressing the U.S. service sector.
This year, we drew a high number of responses, yielding an accurate portrayal of an industry on the upswing. It may not yet be time to dance in the streets, but you don’t exactly need to panic at the disco either. Get ready for healthier business travel demand and a big boom in limousine and chauffeured vehicle manufacturing.
First up at LCTMAG.COM FEATURES: LCT Publisher Sara Eastwood-McLean outlines the INDUSTRY BIG PICTURE ahead based on a thorough review of the past — the industry clearly has not seen its best days yet. The vehicle bazaar will be opening soon.
I introduce our extensive survey section with some TRENDS & HIGHLIGHTS. If you’re not getting real friendly with technology and social media, then you’re missing out on opportunities. Most surprising is the larger-than-expected slice of the industry that actually improved revenues during the ferocious recession; no doubt this was the worst recession since the founding of LCT in 1983, but the numbers prove that old saying, “The past was never as good as you thought it was and the future will never be as bad as you think it will be.”
New in this Fact Book are a series of “Info Bursts” — a fireworks-style pattern of information that supplements Fact Book findings. We’ll throw out some SAMPLE BURSTS HERE and some LCT FACT BOOK SURVEY DATA OVER THERE.
Look for the complete Fact Book statistics and lists to be posted on our upcoming redesigned LCTMAG.COM web site next month, with a special subscriber access area for our most sought after issue.
Rising fuel prices are topic A in the industry, ranking as the No. 1 industry concern out of 14 concerns among operators surveyed for the Fact Book. The monthly LCT WEB POLL asks operators about fuel spending.
Be sure to make some late summer plans to attend the 10th annual LCT LEADERSHIP SUMMIT, simply the finest industry event possible, with its long-awaited return to the Miami Beach oceanfront Sept. 12-14. Make sure you’re part of the “Top 150” allowed to attend.
Finally, thank you to all operators who took the time to fill out the Fact Book survey. Your participating helps operators get thorough, accurate information that helps them make key business decisions all year long.
-- Martin Romjue, LCT editor

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