Be A Winner With Your Own “Giveaway Contest”

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Posted on April 27, 2011
We all know that charity work and free-trip giveaways are good methods for operators to garner positive (and valuable) media attention, but why not take it a step further by giving the rides away in exchange for client testimonials?
The clever folks at AMBASSADOR LIMOUSINE of Clearwater, Fla., have come up with a contest in which it will give away a free night on the town to whoever shares the best story of a limo experience on Ambassador’s Facebook wall.
Ambassador doesn’t require the stories to be specifically about an experience with them, but companies wishing to test this strategy can tailor their contest rules to require that the stories must be about a positive or fun experience with their company, which can then be used as client testimonials.
This idea wins because:


  • It provides incentive for people to join a company’s Facebook page and become potential cliens.
  • It shows a certain level of personal engagement and interaction with clients, which can help build strong brand recognition.
  • It is creative but not costly (one free ride in exchange for numerous new potential clients, testimonials, and media coverage)
  •  It showcases the “fun” factor of luxury ground service, and provides incentive for potential clients to keep tabs with the company for future contests and announcements.
Take this concept and customize it for your market or season: The best wedding limo story, or prom limo story, or night-on-the-town story. Have the local media cover it. Make it a yearly thing, or have multiple contests during the year, because it gives people something to look forward to.
Maybe there should be a contest specifically to determine who’s come up with the most creative contest, and it will be called “The Most Creative Contest Contest.” 
-- Michael Campos, LCT assistant editor

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