Gas Going Past $4/Gallon? Time To Buy An SUV

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 26, 2011


A report from Southwest Florida provides a snapshot of an OPERATOR FILLING UP A BLACK VEHICLE, while describing fuel-driven economic woes. Which brings to mind that the Great Recession/Gradual Recovery in many ways needs to be considered the Contrarian Economy; things are not what they seem, the old rules don't always apply, and sometimes it's best to go against the panicky herd. For example, during the last surge in fuel prices, SUVs piled up on used car lots while waiting lists mounted for those little Toyota Priussys.

Many customers could name a price for an SUV and walk away. By January 2009, fuel prices actually dipped below $2 per gallon again. So now, with fuel prices once again revistiing 08 levels, it will be an opportune time for operators to stock up on cheaper SUVs. Gas prices will come down again, eventually, which will mean it's time to buy a hybrid, once those waiting lists subside -- again. -- Martin Romjue, LCT editor    

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