Bus Passengers Pampered In Japan

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Posted on April 20, 2011
Tired of dealing with all the hassles of the airlines but still want the luxury of a first-class seat on a trip? Thinking about riding in a bus but want to maintain your privacy?
 We’ve seen how motorcoaches have been constantly evolving to include more passenger amenities such as LCD TV screens and free Wi-Fi Internet, but what about different classes of seating arrangements based on ticket price, such as in airplanes?
One company based out of Osaka, Japan, has done just that with its luxurious first-class seats.
WILLER TRAVEL, INC’s Express Cocoon service, which runs between Osaka and Tokyo, seats its passengers in SELF-CONTAINED MODULES that are angled toward the central aisle and are partially enclosed by a rounded partition. The seats recline 140 degrees and include a padded footrest, a personal TV screen offering Video-On-Demand mounted above a fixed table, and of course, each passenger enjoys free Wi-Fi Internet access.
Each Cocoon bus has just 12 seats and only 2 seats per row, meaning each seat is a window seat. Willer Travel, Inc. also offers various other types of SEATING ON THEIR BUSES.  -- Michael Campos, LCT assistant editor

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