Are you really an International Operator?

Jim Luff
Posted on April 6, 2011

International Fleet Directory Puts You on the Map!

 At the recent ILCT Show in Las Vegas, I attended a welcome session for International operators.  There were operators that came from Australia, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Chile, France, Italy and Mexico.  In the room were many U.S. based operators as well that were clearly trying to make connections with operators from other countries.

 I myself have booked trips with operators in Ireland and Mexico.  I have been fortunate to connect with operators in those countries that were able to provide service for me.  While I can truly say that I am an International operator because I have connections in other countries, it is not the same as making a commitment to serve clients on a worldwide basis.

 It is amazing how many operators are tacking on the “worldwide” moniker to their name and hoping that if they get an order in another country that they will be able to find someone to service the order and be able to make the whole money conversion calculation and not lose the shirt off their back in the process. 

 If you truly want to be an International operator and receive orders from all over the world as well as send orders around the world, you have to get your name out their folks.  Here at LCT Magazine, we have just the perfect methods of developing those relationships.  From our Affiliate Speed Meet at the ILCT Show to the International Reception at the show and right around the corner, our International Fleet Directory.

 The new International Fleet Directory will place you on the footprint of the worldwide livery industry.  This is an investment that can truly help you get the attention abroad that you need to truly develop relationships with operators around the world.  Everyone included in this directory is committed to developing long-term relationships that span the globe and will provide an excellent venue for telling others about your company in this directory that is sure to occupy bookshelf space around the world.

 If you really want to be worldwide, now is the time to call us and receive more information about how to be included in this upcoming publication.  Contact Sara Eastwood at (253) 983-0515 for details.

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Jim Luff Contributing Editor
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