Getting Ready for International LCT Show 2011

Jim Luff
Posted on January 12, 2011
With just over a month left before the BIG SHOW, everyone is in planning mode.  Meetings, meetings, meetings! The official ones and the secret ones are being planned.
I am getting really excited about the upcoming 2011 INTERNATIONAL LCT SHOW in Las Vegas next month. Every day in the past week I have received e-mails from people attending the show that want to make sure I have their cell phone numbers. They want to make sure I know that they are coming to the show, and want to set up meetings.
Speaking of meetings, it always seems there are secret meetings that only a handful of people know about. If you are a first-timer, this can sometimes make you feel out of the loop. They are not really secret meetings but more like “invited guests only” type meetings or parties. These are not an official part of the ILCT Show but are private meetings set up by networks such as Music Express or Boston Coach Connection for their affiliates to attend. It is a logical thing to do since so many affiliates are in one city at the same time.
There are also the private parties where individual operators host parties in suites and invite their own network of affiliates, friends and acquaintances. These are sponsored and paid for solely by the individual that hosted the party. I know for newcomers who hear about these raging parties the next day, they are sometimes left wondering where their invite was or why they never saw anything in the official guide provided at registration. I know I have felt like I was left out when I heard about some of these parties, so I thought I would clear the air on that.
There are also many other types of meetings that take place in hotel restaurants, cocktail lounges, the lobby, and even hallways. People like Arthur Messina from Create-A-Card use shows for one-on-one face time with his clients and set up meetings with them to discuss long-term marketing strategies. Others want individual appointments to meet with affiliate managers to talk about joining a network and what the commitments and obligations are.
Of course there are also the informal social meetings that consist of a large gathering of people in a cocktail lounge that seem to grow in size as people walk by. On that note, if you see people you know from the industry gathered together, don’t be afraid to join in. Grab yourself a cocktail and start handing out business cards. These people need you as much as you need them so use the opportunity to network.
This Show offers the greatest opportunity in the world to network. I do mean, THE WORLD! There are operators from Canada, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, England, Europe, Germany, Ireland and Italy. Don’t waste your time shopping! You can do that at home. If you are going to gamble, do it with new industry friends. The networking opportunities abound and people like doing business with people they have met in person. So this is your time to build your own network.
— Jim Luff, LCT contributing editor

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Jim Luff Contributing Editor
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